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COVID Kindness

* I bought this pair of fingerless gloves at the Bazaar in 2019. I never would have guessed then that I would use them to ease the side-effect of cramping in my hands caused by a powerful vaccine designed to stop a global pandemic. Thanks to whoever made them, and thanks to God for knowing that I would need them.

* Nothing stops a gardener from being kind. At this time of year they are always showing up with plants to share.

* A friend from church sent me some photos of some signs that include great puns. Click here to see some for yourself. Here is an example: When your kids are learning how to drive, do not stand in their way.

* I had a lovely outside visit from a lovely couple bringing me a banana loaf and some pocket books to read. They did this also for some of their other senior friends from church.

* A lot of people walk along the area where I live. Somebody has put a couple of plastic chairs in the shade by the intersection. Now people can rest in the shade.

* Age, lifestyle, technical and physical abilities and other factors will determine the best way to reach out to someone. It maybe in person, by telephone, through email or text message or with good, old-fashioned mail. The older generation love to get a letter, note, or greeting card. A written message just seems so much more special.

* Today when I was out walking someone stopped me to say how much they were enjoying hearing the church chimes play in the evening. It was a nice way to start the morning.

A note: The chimes play twice a day, at noon and at 7:00 p.m. The schedule for the evening chimes changes every two weeks and is posted on the church home page. The chimes also play at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings. The Sunday morning and noon hour chimes play random selections but can be programmed if requested. Our chimes will play any selection with a catalogue number starting with 11-16. Click here to see the song catalogue.

* Here is an idea to try: the dog water bowl! Get a dish and set it out by the sidewalk for the people who are walking their dogs. You will be surprised how many people will stop to say thank you and often to chat. Make a fuss over the dog and you are their new best friend.

* Here are a couple of nice Mothers Day videos to pass along. The first one is by the Canadian vocal group The Tenors. The song is called Mother. The second is from American singer Gena Hill and is called A Mothers Love.

* A close cousin of mine (one of 30), is 10 years younger than me and one of the youngest of the group. She lives out of town and the only time we seemed to get together or chat was at family functions. In January 2019 (before Covid-19) while chatting after a funeral , we agreed to keep in touch and talk under better circumstances. Well, you know how things go. Finally, we reconnected in mid-December 2020 . We have since chatted regularly, and got caught up on what is happening in each of our families. We even traded BBQ spare rib and crispy chicken wing recipes.

* We want to thank Aad, one of the people who looks after the technology at Paris Presbyterian Church. He took some time to come to Mt. Pleasant this week to give us some tips about how to continue to improve the quality of our online services. He had some great ideas and we think everyone is going to notice a difference. Thanks for the help, Aad.

* Sometimes people send me fun stuff to watch on my computer. Some of it is talented people. Some of it is just meant to be funny. This video by the Barenaked Ladies, Michael Buble and Sofia Reyes does both. The song is called Gotta Be Patient

* After 40+ years of friendship, my 80-year-old good friend called me on Saturday. He hates to call people and this is the first time he has ever called me out of the blue, for no other reason but to talk. Who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Another better late than never.

* Sit out in front of your home and read a book, knit or whatever. Watch the neighbours, the walkers and the kids playing. Bet you will not be reading for long. Try a game of solitaire and see how long it takes for someone to tell you that you missed a move. Just being present brings family and friends closer, acquaintances become friends, strangers will become acquaintances and you get to meet more people, both young and old.

* My better half made and gave out little spiritual "Cross In Your Pocket" items to a number of ladies. They are a little reminder when they open their purses that someone is thinking of them.

* My 85-year-old cousin had a friend who passed away 6 or 7 years ago. This friend had a sister who was older. About 3 years ago, my cousin heard through the grapevine that the sister had some serious health problems and was recovering in a assisted living residence. My cousin sent her a get well card with a little note in it. A few days later she received a call from the lady to thank her for thinking about her. They had a great chat and exchanged contact information. They now chat every week or two. This proves we do not need Covid-19 as a reason to connect.

* The little boys next door are good for us everyday. This is just life to them and they do little boy things like play in mud puddles and ride their bikes and they are always cheerful and they say hello and wave. They still are not old enough for school but they know to look for things that are good and fun and not to dwell on bad stuff. We would all do well to look for good things more. Mud puddles are fun when you want them to be.

* Right at the beginning of the pandemic, D.W. made a bunch of masks and offered them to people in exchange for a donation to the food bank. That was just a great idea. It was win-win for everybody. She got to use her talent and help out, we got masks and the food bank got help too. We did not know then how long we were going to need to wear masks.

* I was on my way in to an emergency dentist appointment and someone from the church drove by in the parking lot, rolled down her window and told me she liked my sweater. That made the dentist appointment seem so much easier and I still feel good days later.

* We are thankful for the uplifting care we received from the worship team. The memory verse Psalm 3 verse 3 is now part of my daily routine. May the strength and joy you bring to others return to you. 

Scripture to think about:

But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head. (Psalm 3:3).

* Even though we haven't been able to get back to church we have had members call us to make sure we are ok and staying strong. As well, our Sunday School teacher has kept her schedule open to be able to connect with the children for Sunday School. It has really helped them feel connected through this rough time. Thanks go out to all of our church family.

* Thanks to everyone who is looking after the flowerbeds at the church.


* We bought some jam from the church and dropped it off to people who we knew were locked down and living on their own.


* It is always nice to talk to someone on the phone. When I hang up, I always feel better than I did before.


* Thanks to our terrific worship team who have been giving two days of their week to provide services online and in-person.


* Somebody sent us one of the Canada Post postcards. It was fun to receive and nice to know someone was thinking of us.


Scripture to think about:

Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Hebrews 13:16)


* Home-baked treats arrived on our doorstep at Christmas. Yummy.


* Blue ribbons are a great way to show a health worker that you care. Make your own using a blue recycling bag.




This is a page where we can share our ideas and stories about how we have been helped through the pandemic. If you have something to add, e-mail your thoughts, advice or stories to mppchurch@execulink.com



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